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The origins

Although to us it may be one of the newest water sports, there is evidence that paddle surfing was probably practised more than 3,000 years ago in civilisations such as Ancient Egypt, Peru or Polynesia.

However, the origin of this sport is often credited to the surf instructors of Waikiki Beach (Hawaii), better known as " Beach boys". This is because, in the 60s, the instructors used surfboards with canoe paddles to have greater visibility of their groups of surfers and to perceive the arrival of waves. They were also able to get a better position to take pictures of their clients.

Even so, the modality did not become popular until the end of the 90s, when SUP was used in training sessions for the days when there were no waves.

The rise of SUP

SUP paddling has many advantages that have led it to be one of the most practised water sports in recent years. In addition, it has many benefits for the people who practice it.

One of the advantages of practising Stand Up Paddle is that it works all the muscles aerobically without impact, so the risk of injury even without being trained is very low. This makes it a sport for all ages regardless of their physical conditions. However, it is always necessary to be careful when practising it.

This sport also has the great advantage of not needing waves or wind to practice it. So you can practise it in the sea and lakes, reservoirs or rivers.

These are the different benefits that paddleboarding brings us:

  • Increased aerobic capacity and muscular endurance
  • Toning of the upper and lower body
  • Improved reflexes and balance
  • Prevention of pain and injuries

SUP Variants

As the popularity of this sport has increased, different ways of practising it have also been developed. Below, we explain what each one of them consists of.

SUP Yoga This modality is for yoga and fitness lovers. Doing yoga on a board involves balance control and a more significant effort than practising regular yoga. Inflatable boards are recommended for this practice as they are more stable and padded.

SUP Foil

One of the newest variants. It consists of practising this sport with a board that carries a mast with a wing; this allows you to create energy underwater so that along with the movements of your body, the board moves faster.

SUP Race

This modality refers to competitive racing. One of the best-known races is the Paddleboard Race Molokai Oahu. Light, narrow and very longboards are used. The paddles are made of carbon with an elongated blade.

SUP River

This is one of the most extreme and dangerous modalities, so you need protection to practice it (backboard, helmet, knee pads...). Small and wide boards are used, made of special materials to resist the blows against rocks, etc. Usually, the paddles are made of plastic.

Paddleboarding All-Around

It is a trekking activity and one of the most practised modalities. It consists of making rides and crossings in lakes, sea or calm marshes. Long and wide boards with various anchorages will be recommended for carrying equipment.

Paddle Surf XXL or Big SUP

It is a very funny modality for groups; a giant paddle surfboard is used in which an average of 6 to 10 people fit. The board is usually inflatable.

SUP Fishing

ishing is practised from a SUP board. There are boards specially equipped for this activity, but you can also fit your board with the necessary accessories.

SUP Wave or SUP Surfing

Consists of catching waves with the board but standing up and paddling to get the tide to take you as far as possible. The advantage of this modality is that you can surf small waves and big waves. The board should be rigid and stable with a light paddle.

Now that you know the different SUP modalities, which one do you dare to try?

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