KANARA Clubs Software for sailing instructors, clubs and teams

Introducing our software for sailing instructors, sailing clubs, sailing teams and their athletes: KANARA CLUBS.

What is KANARA Clubs?

KANARA Clubs is a digital tool designed for sailing clubs, water sports clubs or teams and other organizations that need to monitor the performance of all their members. The idea is to simplify the management of sailing clubs and groups.

If you are a:

  • Sailing instructor
  • Water sports club manager
  • Organiser and/ or sponsor of a sailing event
  • Member of a sailing club or team

Or a similar organisation, such as a local school or kiteboarding club, you will probably use different tools to:

  • Organising and communicating with club members, students or team members
  • Track, analyze and share the sailing performance of the club's athletes.
  • Plan and monitor attendance at training, classes and events.
  • Simplify debriefing with advanced sailing analytics

We work with athletes, coaches and managers of sailing clubs to find easy solutions to everyday problems, as well as to help improve the performance of athletes, clubs and teams. You can now register to access your club's platform.

In the new KANARA Clubs web application, sailing instructors, coaches and sports directors of yacht clubs can:

  • Track, analyse and compare sailors and their performance on the water
  • Create personalized training sessions
  • Create training calendars
  • Track attendance and participation of all members of your club

For users of the KANARA Sport mobile app, KANARA Clubs members will have their profile personalized with:

  • Club Administrator Profile
  • Exclusive rankings for your club
  • Club-only Events
  • Club-only challenges
  • A social feed for your club to share news, images, videos and information relevant to your club members.

Sailing Instructor Software: Access for your sailing club

BETA access to KANARA Clubs is available. If you want to have BETA access for your sailing club, get in touch with us and we will provide you with free access.

KANARA Clubs: Benefits for sailing clubs, teams and instructors

KANARA Clubs aims to make life easier for sailing and water sports instructors by tracking the performance of their athletes, organizing club activities and connecting with their members.

Some examples of what you can do with KANARA Clubs as a sailing club manager, sailing instructor or coach are:

  • Analyze the performance of each club athlete with statistics, maps and graphs of their sailing performance with integrated, precise and accurate GPS sailing analysis
  • Create and manage groups, rankings and events to increase the participation of each student or member
  • Keep athletes up to date with training days through private messages, push notifications and in-app reminders
  • Simplifies club and team coordination and communications

KANARA Clubs: benefits for yacht clubs or sailing teams

Just as KANARA Clubs is designed to make life easier for coaches and club managers, it is also designed to meet the needs of club members.

The KANARA Clubs web application for sailing and watersports clubs, teams and instructors integrates with KANARA Sport. It is a logbook that helps athletes get the most information about their performance on the water.

Designed to be the best nautical application, KANARA Sport helps athletes learn more about their performance and improve their sessions on the water. Know relevant and accurate information with specific metrics such as knots, VMG, tack and jibe/gybe, etc.

The KANARA Sport app works with your Garmin watch, Suunto and Suunto GPS sports tracking app. KANARA Sport is free for Android (Google Play Store) and iPhone (Apple App Store) and will soon be available for the Apple Watch.

KANARA Sport synchronizes GPS activities recorded by the Garmin or Suunto smartphone or smartwatch app to help athletes record, analyze and share their workouts accurately and securely.

Get access to KANARA Clubs for your club or team

If you want to get access to KANARA Clubs for your sailing club or team, sign up for a free demo and trial access today! We look forward to helping you and your club achieve your goals.

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