Connecting and Empowering Water Sports Athletes, Clubs, and Brands


KANARA was founded to encourage sportsmanship and stewardship within the nautical and water sports communities.

KANARA Sport is created and developed by Valencia based startup: KANARA Sportech

We design and develop 360 tools to help athletes, clubs and brands track and measure their on water performance and engage with one another better. 

Our technology and methods leverage digitalisation and gamification to encourage healthy fun, community, and competition amongst riders- independent of their experience and where they are in the world.

We are a small, but passionate team. We have been honoured to connect with and collaborate with riders and sailors who share our passion in over 50 countries across the globe.

This is only the beginning.

We are developing new and improved features and functions to build a platform that can help water sports athletes, clubs and brands to get the most out of your time doing what you love.

Share your feedback with us; feedback from KANARA Sport riders, sailors and partners is helping us to make KANARA Sport the definitive platform for the nautical and water sports community.


Alejandro Latorre Otero

Alejandro Latorre


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Contact us to explore how we can redefine your water sports experience.

We work with our community and partners to create one-of-kind, immersive real world event and competition experiences, promote products and services connected to the industry, and raise awareness about individuals and organisations doing the good deed in sports and for sustainability.

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