Meet Your Rider App


Track your kitesurfing, windsurfing, SUP and all your favourite water sports sessions with the KANARA Sport mobile app for Android and iOS. Compatible with Garmin and Suunto, the KANARA Sport mobile app gives you specific metrics and advanced data analysis to help improve your performance and encourage fun with challenge features. Learn how to use your smartwatch or smartphone to start tracking your sessions with KANARA Sport.

Gamify Your Sessions

You can earn points for your kitesurfing, windsurfing, SUP and other water sports activities. Use your points to create and participate in 1 vs 1 speed and distance challenges with your friends or other riders anywhere in the world. Check out the tutorial to learn how to create your own GPS races with a friend!

Connect and Communicate

KANARA was founded on the principles of sportsmanship, responsibility and commitment to the community. Connect, interact and share your passion, photos, videos, sessions and experiences with other athletes in the KANARA Sport community with social features.

App Features and Functions


Track and measure each of your on water sessions. Metrics include top speed, distance, duration, heat maps, Velocity Made Good (VMG), and more. Track your performance and analyse your progress.


Make your own rules. Challenge your friends & other riders to see who is the best. Compete in the KANARA Sport community's speed, distance and points Rankings & participate in digital events to stay motivated and active.

KANARA Sport water sports app preview screens


Connect with friends and other community riders who share your passion. KANARA Sport's social features include: posts, photos, videos, stories, private chat, digital events and more.

Built for You

KANARA Sport adds new and improved features to offer the community a 360° platform, which suits all a rider's needs for life on and around the water. Join the community and give your opinion.

Challenge Mode

Take part in virtual and real world water sports events, challenges, competitions, giveaways. Have fun, win prizes and share the stoke! See what's on now.

Collaborators and Integrations

The KANARA Sport platform is supported by leading tech and industry partners and smart integrations.