3,2,1: Let the competition begin with the KANARA Sport Challenge Mode

With KANARA Sport we want to make it easy for you to connect, play & compete with your friends & other water sports athletes all across the globe with Challenge Mode. 

With the Challenge Mode feature, you & your mates can create your own 1-on-1 speed or distance competitions in a couple of clicks. We have created this tutorial to help you get started.

To get started you will need to have:

✅ The KANARA Sport app (free for Android or iOS)

✅ Your smartwatch or smartphone GPS sports tracker synced to your KANARA Sport profile.

✅ Playable points which you can earn by saving your water sports activities & sessions

Once you are properly set up, you can send a challenge in the KANARA Sport app by following the steps below:

1- Go to the Challenge Mode tab by clicking the Trophy icon

2- Click the ‘+’ symbol at the top corner of the screen to Create a Challenge

3- Select a Friend to invite to the Challenge

4- Enter the number of points you want to bet as a prize (the amount cannot exceed the number of points both players have) & the Challenge Date 

5- Select the Challenge type (the current options are Speed or Distance)

6- Add a short message to encourage them to accept the Challenge invitation

7- When you send the Challenge invitation, you will see the challenge under the Pending tab. If your friend accepts, it will then appear under the Accepted tab

8- You & your friend must then record sessions to submit by the Challenge date. When you are ready to submit your session, simply click the yellow Submit button on the Challenge card

9- When both players have uploaded their sessions, they will be automatically compared and you will both be able to see the confirmed Winner 

If you have won, you will see that your points have increased whereas if you didn’t win you will see that they have decreased.

To make it even easier, here is a quick video tutorial on how to create a Challenge in the KANARA Sport app. The below playlist includes the tutorial in English & Spanish.

Have fun with your mates, enjoy a bit of friendly & healthy competition whilst practising your favourite water sports such as kite, windsurf, SUP, sailing, or wingfoil.

Afterwards, you can share your results with your friends, on social media and with other riders in the KANARA Sport community through our in-app social feed. With Challenge Mode, you don't have to ride alone. Connect, play and compete with other athletes who share your passion. Let's motivate and encourage each other to do our best!

How does KANARA Sport's Challenge Mode work?

With the Challenge Mode feature, the KANARA Sport app compares both athletes’ sessions to determine the winner. Depending on whether it is a speed or distance challenge, the corresponding metric will be looked at. In the case of a speed challenge, the winner will be the fastest, whilst in the case of a distance challenge, the one who has covered the most kilometres will win. 

We added the points betting system to add some edge to the fun. It is not just a friendly competition but incentivises both athletes to do their best. In the KANARA Sport app, the prize is not a medal as in other sports competitions or events; instead, the app rewards athletes with playable points. By earning more points, it helps you to climb the Rankings by points within the application.

Sin embargo, dejamos que seas tú quien decide cuántos puntos quieres apostar con tu rival. Cada uno puede hacer su estrategia y atreverse a poner sobre la mesa los puntos que considere. Eso sí, ten cuidado de no quedarte sin ellos, pueden ser más valiosos de lo que crees en un futuro próximo 😉

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t already, invite your friends to join you in the KANARA Sport app and start sharing the stoke!

REMEMBER: Make sure you play and compete honestly. At KANARA, we believe in the values of true sportsmanship. We reserve the right to review and penalise cheating or other behaviour that goes against the community rules.

Download KANARA Sport today (free for Android and iOS), create your user, invite your friends, and try Challenge Mode with your friends and other community riders. Don’t forget to have fun!

Make sure to tell us about your KANARA Sport experience. Your feedback is important in helping us to improve & grow the platform. If you have any questions about how to create a challenge or about the app in general, don't hesitate to contact us! We will be sure to help you out.

Happy riding!

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