The 5 BEST WING FOIL APPS 2022-2023

The wing foil (aka ´wing surf´ or ´winging´) is a young water sport that has experienced a monumental rise in popularity in recent years.

More and more people are asking for recommendations for applications that help practitioners to wing foil to track, analyse and share their sessions wingfoil with friends & other athletes.

If you are a fan of wing foil and you want to find out which are the best wing foil apps that suit your needs, in this blog we are going to provide you with a list of the 5 best wing foil apps to try them out and tell us which one is the best for you and why.

Don't forget to add in the comments any wing foil app that you would recommend and is not on the list.



KANARA Sport: Wing foil application for tracking, comparing and sharing your sessions

KANARA Sport is a totally free application that will help you record your sessions in the water and keep track of your performance both on the water and in the water. Android and on iOS. Our app is used by people who practice wing foil and other water sports such as kite foiling, IQ Foil & windsurfing.

The app is compatible with Garmin, Suunto and Apple Watch smartwatches, but you can also use it if you don't have a smartwatch. Through a Suunto account, you can use your mobile device as a tracker with KANARA (always remember to protect it with a waterproof case).

Other features offered by the app, apart from advanced performance metrics and data analysis, include the opportunity to create challenges with friends, participate in sponsored events, etc.

Have fun, grow and challenge yourself with the best wing foil app 😉


DUOTONE Wing Academy: Wing foil app

The app DUOTONE Wing Academy is perfect for newcomers to the sport.

It allows you to receive lessons/advice from professional athletes, share your progress as well as learn and share new tips and experiences with the community.

The application is free and available for Android and iOS.


VOLO - Kitesurf & Wingfoil: Wingfoil App

The VOLO app helps you to log your sessions and will provide you with information about your sessions and jumps.

The application is only for iOS and compatible with Apple Watch.


Waterspeed: Wing foil app

This application is free of charge but is only available for iOS and Apple Watch, it also has paid features.

Generally this wing foil app will help you log your sessions and provide metrics, record the equipment you browse with and check approximate weather forecasts.


ZeF App: Wing foil app

This app is available for Android and iOS, and will help you to analyse your sessions and also to know the height of your jumps, your speeds and distances.

The wingfoil app also has paid premium features.

And these are our 5 recommendations of the best wingfoil apps for 2023, if you have already tried any of them tell us how they are, if you know others that are not on the list mention them, the aim of the blog is to learn and grow together sharing our knowledge!

Try our top wing foil app KANARA Sport today and share your experience.

Get the free app for Wing foilers and for all water sportsmen and women, and start recording, analysing and sharing your Wing foil.

If you need help or have any doubts about how to download/use the KANARA Sport application, do not hesitate to contact us through our mail [email protected] or send us a private message to our Instagram @kanarasport.

We want to keep improving and growing to become the best wing foil app for you and all the water sports athletes who make up the KANARA Sport community, please do not hesitate to leave us your comments or feedback.



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