FKSS 2021: Results of the KANARA Digital Speed Challenge

It ain't over 'til it's over! It has been an honour to take part in the Cutty Sark Formula Kite Spain Series 2021 (FKSS). We have been able to test to the maximum the scope of the application of KANARA Sport to see its potential for organising digital competitions. In addition, it has been an experience that has brought us closer to a community of riders with an enviable spirit of competition and fun.

Throughout the circuit we have had complications, but we have overcome them all. The end of this project couldn't leave a better taste in our mouths, seeing the excitement of the winners fills us with joy. Ever since we announced the end was coming in the last blogWe have been checking all the data for the winners and making sure that all the metrics were correct in both the overall ranking and the Tarifa event. And yes, all good things come to an end, the FKSS 2021 is over.

Congratulations to Alejandro Climent for winning the @fomulakitespain @kanarasport Speed Challenge Tarifa final and the overall Digital Circuit 2021! With a top speed of 74.94 KM/H on the fourth day of competition, Climent has secured the victory, beating previous champion Jon Gagachian, who achieved 72.52 KM/H in the first race.

Congratulations to Adelaide Marquenie for claiming victory in the end, maintaining her number 1 position in the 2021 ranking for the women's category. With a top speed of 60,77 KM/H in the previous race on Formentera, Marquenie overtook Ellie Aldridge, who came in first in the Tarifa race with 60,63 KM/H.

Results table FKSS 2021

The overall winners of the speed challenge in Tarifa are
Gold Medal- Alejandro Climent (74,94 KM/H) and Ellie Aldridge (60,63 KM/H)
Silver Medal- Jasiek JJ Koszowski (70,84 KM/H) and Annelous Lammerts (56,94 KM/H)
Bronze Medal – Maks Zakowski (65,43 KM/H) and Adelaida Marquenie (56,74 KM/H)

The overall winners of the FKSS KANARA Speed Challenge 2021 circuit are
Gold Medal- Alejandro Climent (74,94 KM/H) & Adelaida Marquenie (60,77 KM/H)
Silver Medal- Jon Gagachian (72,52 KM/H) & Ellie Aldridge (60,63 KM/H)
Bronze Medal: Jasiek JJ Koszowski (70,84 KM/H) & Annelous Lammerts (56,94 HM/H)

Congratulations to the organisers, participants and supporters

Thanks to the riders of the FKSS 2021, who have competed to the end giving their best to take home the victory. We at KANARA hope that all the participants of the digital challenge of the application have had an enjoyable and hard-fought competition until the end. But, above all, we hope you are looking forward to competing again, because we would love to see you in more events.

Congratulations to the organisers for connecting the community in a fun and healthy competitive environment. Each and every one of the contributors has done their bit and it shows, as the event has been a memorable experience thanks to everyone.

Finally, thanks to the fans who support these types of events and competitions. Without them the visibility of this sport would be null, so we are grateful that there are more passionate people like us. Let's see if next year the community grows and water sports, be it kitesurfing, windsurfing, kitefoil, wingfoil, etc., get the value they deserve.

Ya solo queda despedirse, lo mejor es que es una despedida con buen sabor de boca. Ha sido una oportunidad increíble haber formado parte de un evento tan divertido y emocionante como este. Hemos aprendido, recogido feedback y conectado con la comunidad. Sin duda, ¡esperando un increíble 2022 para todos los involucrados!

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