FKSS 2022 KANARA Sport Speed Circuit Info

The FKSS circuit is back and we are also back with a new digital challenge in KANARA Sport for the participants, the FKSS KANARA Sport Speed Circuit 2022. We didn't want to be left out of the fun.

If you are a participant of FKSS 2022 and a user of the KANARA Sport app, you can win a Gopro Hero 10 by participating in the speed challenge. Enjoy some healthy competition and connect with the community!

Every event of the FKSS 2022 counts, so the competition is guaranteed. In each of the races, points will be awarded to the first classified in the Speed Ranking of that race (1st gets 5 points. 2nd gets 3. 3rd gets only 1 point). At the end of the FKSS 2022 circuit, if you are in the Top 1 of the points ranking, you will get the prize. Apart from the overall winners, the riders who get the first place in each event of their category will receive a free registration for the FKSS 2022 (or their registration fee will be refunded).

You can check the rankings in the Events tab of the app by clicking on the KANARA Sport FKSS Speed Circuit 2022 card.

Don't be left out of the fun. To register select ‘Participate’ through the Events tab in the KANARA Sport app to confirm your participation. 


All official FKSS participants are able to compete in the KANARA Sport FKSS Speed Circuit 2022. The circuit is a digitalised, complimentary challenge held on the same dates and locations as the FKSS 2022 circuit.

In this test, participating riders will compete for the top recorded speed rankings in their division (male & female) over the course of three days.

The riders that achieve first place during each test for their division will receive a complimentary inscription for the FKSS (or have their inscription reimbursed).

The riders that achieve first, second and third places during each test for their division will receive points that will affect the riders’ placements in the overall circuit rankings.

  • First place receives 5 points
  • Second place receives 3 points
  • Third place receives 1 point

At the end of the circuit the riders with the most points, having achieved first place (male & female divisions) will each receive a brand new GoPro Hero 10* from KANARA Sportech.


To participate in the challenge, you must:

  • 1) be an official FKSS 2022 competitor
  • 2) be a registered user of the KANARA Sport
  • 3) Sync account Garmin or Suunto to sync sessions from activity tracker
  • 4) select ‘Join’ via the Events tab in the KANARA Sport app to confirm participation

Once you are registered, you will join the rankings with the other event participants. If you have any issues with registration, please contact us at [email protected] and provide us with your account details and any relevant screenshots.


All participants will receive an email to confirm their participation in the event. Participants will receive up-to-date notifications via:


The race instructions may be modified. Any modified instructions will be communicated via the aforementioned channels of communication "Notices to participants"..

It is the responsibility of the participants to do whatever is necessary to receive said instructions.


Please read the instructions completely. Additional information about how to use the app is available via our web.

If you experience any technical issues, please contact us immediately for assistance at [email protected]Issues reported less than 1 hour before the final rankings closure will not be permitted. 

If you are aware that another user is cheating or trying to unfairly affect the rankings, please notify us and we will conduct an investigation. Cheating and other acts that demonstrate a lack of sportsmanship will be penalised.

*If not a GoPro 10, then the winners will each receive a Garmin fenix6 or a similar watch, depending on availability.

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