Since we were children, the phrase often repeated to us was: "Make your passion your job". We have all heard it a thousand times, but the reality is that sometimes it isn't possible to live from one's passion. However, with effort, dedication, and perseverance- it can come within reach. An example of one professional who is making it happen is Toni Forqués.

A young photographer, he has started to make a living from his passion. Since he was a child, this artistic field has been his hobby. It all started thanks to a gift from his grandfather when he went to Ireland. A Reflex camera that he cherished, spending afternoon after afternoon shooting. 

Whilst photographing, what he most likes to capture is the action on the water, the adrenaline of water sports. His second passion, along with photography, is water sports.

"I entered this "little world" for the first time thanks to my cousin from Mallorca. I started dinghy sailing until soon my love for these sports motivated me to try other disciplines," says Toni when referring to one of his passions. He is a water lover and cannot be separated from the sea. That's why he lives in Denia, where he has everything he needs: friends, fun, work, and a paradise where he can photograph any water sport.

Thinking about his future, he decided to specialize in the photography of these disciplines. It's an area that, in his view, has many benefits, such as "it allows you to travel to incredible places, be in contact with nature and meet very interesting people". In addition, "by combining passion with work, you never stop being in touch with what you love".

Go one step further, transform the passion in your work into something bigger.

But his work does not stop at taking spectacular photographs, some of which have already made the cover of magazines, or being the official photographer for events as important as the Cutty Sark FKSS, the Olympic discipline of kitesurfing, or the Vivida WFFS, Wing Foil, a new trending sport on thalf the beaches across the world. His passion has led him to go yet another step further.

In 2021 Toni Forqués decided to take a chance, setting out to support the first international photography contest that focuses on all water sports, Ocean Power Water Sports Photography Awards.  Un concurso que nace para motivar y unir a los fotógrafos de este campo, aportándoles visibilidad a sus trabajos, y promocionar la práctica de cualquier deporte relacionado con el líquido elemento.

“Crear una comunidad de fotógrafos ligados por la pasión al mar para intentar posibles sinergias y acercarlos a marcas potentes a nivel internacional”

One of the objectives he brought to this contest was to encourage the "creat[ion of] a community of photographers linked by the passion for the sea and to explore possible synergies and bring them closer to powerful brands at an international level", in other words, to be a platform for others to achieve the dream of living their passion just as he himself has achieved.

The event was a magnificent opportunity that became the meeting point for a good number of photographers in the sector, with the support and presence of the water sports federations. The Water Sports Photography Awards means "promoting the practice of water sports, boosting nautical tourism, and raising awareness and respect for the marine environment," Forqués reflects.

El siguiente paso que se plantea dentro de este concurso es ayudar a ampliar el evento a videógrafos, a un contenido audiovisual pero no solo visual. Ampliar la difusión de contenido, acoger a más emprendedores y apasionados de este arte que es la fotografía y la comunicación audiovisual. Esto significa cubrir más eventos y actividades deportivas, pero sin olvidar la parte de comunicación y promoción de su marca, Ocean Power. Por eso seguirá apostando por “seguir patrocinando eventos y deportistas que coincidan con nuestra filosofía”. Puedes saber más sobre Ocean Power by liking and following his work on his links y en YouTube.


Sharing Stories: Connecting and Empowering the Water Sports Community

This is but one story, that as KANARA Sport we felt inspired to share. As a small teammotivated by our love for and desire to positively contribute to the water sports industry, we know there are many others like us out there. People who are seeking to fulfill dreams and make a positive difference for themselves and those around them. 

Whether you’re an athlete, entrepreneur, coach, creative: If you are passionate about water sports and want to promote your project or initiative with the community, share it with us for a chance to be featured!

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