The best kitesurf apps for all your kite sessions in 2022-2023

The best kitesurf apps for all your kite sessions in 2022-2023

Are you looking for recommendations to find the best kitesurf app to help you get more out of your time on the water?

The are various applications for kitesurferseach designed to meet the different needs of kiters.

The best kitesurfing apps can help you:

  • Plan your next kite trip
  • Discover new places to practice kitesurf
  • Analyse your kitesurf sessions
  • Learn how to jump higher  
  • Get forecast data related to wind & wave conditions

We have created a list of the best kitesurf apps to help you get more out of your next kitesurf session.

Do you have a recommendation? Tell us in the comments which app you think is the best kitesurf app.

The best kitesurf apps for all your kite sessions in 2022-2023

The best apps to learn to kitesurf

kitesurf apps duotone kiteboarding logo

Duotone Kiteboarding Academy: App to learn how to kitesurf

The kitesurf app Duotonoe Kiteboarding Academy (Android iOS) offers more than 200 lessons to aspiring kiteboarders to improve their kiteboarding skills.

The app provides its users high-quality videos, tutorials, personalized training and social features. This kiteboarding app is perfect for those looking to learn more about kiteboarding.

Discover the secrets behind your favourite kite tricks and take your kitesurfing sessions to the next level. Be sure to learn to kitesurf responsibly and get the proper lessons before attempting any of these tricks on your own.

If you are a newbie to kitesurfing, this is the the best kitesurf appfor you!

Kitesurf app IKO logo

IKO Learn to Kite app for kitesurfers

Developed by IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation), the IKO Learn to Kite application is designed to be the best kitesurf app for those interested in learning to kitesurf.

No wind? No problem. Improve your kitesurfing skills, get your skills certified by accredited IKO kitesurfing instructors and get your official IKO kitesurfing license recognized in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Get the IKO Learn to Kite application for Android or iOS & improve your kitesurf abilities on the go.

The best apps to analyse & improve your kitesurfing performance

kitesurf apps kanara sport logo

The kitesurf app to record, analyse and share your sessions.

Our KANARA Sport app available for Android helps kiters and water sports athletes to record, analyse and share their sessions.

The app is completely free and compatible with Garmin, Suunto and Apple Watch smartwatches.

The app provides data on your kite performance, including distance, speed, VMG and much more. In addition, community users can create or participate in digital challenges, rankings, events and other kiters from around the world to win prizes.

You can use KANARA with either the smartwatches mentioned above or with your smartphone and a Suunto account; whatever your capabilities, KANARA Sport can be the best kitesurf app for you 😉

The best apps for kitesurf to help you jump higher & better

kitesurf apps woo sports logo

WOO Sports app: Kitesurf game & jumps

WOO is one of the best kitesurf apps in the world. The app is designed to help kiters to jump higher & have more fun.

WOO has its tracking device. In the latest edition, WOO 3.0 costs 229.95 USD and syncs with the application available for Android and iOS. However, this does not detract from the fact that the app is also compatible with Garmin smartwatches, Apple Watch and Google WearOs.

If you sign up for the Pro (paid) option, you can get more information about your Big Air jump analysis and compete with the community for more fun during your kite sessions.

kitesurf apps surfr app logo

The Surfr App: The kitesurfing game app

Nicknamed "The poor man's WOO," Surfr is a mobile kitesurf app available for Android and iOS. With the Surfr app you can turn your smartphone into a GPS tracker.

You only need a waterproof case to protect your phone while kiting and keep track of your sessions. Surfr is an excellent option for those who don't have a smartwatch or WOO to keep track of their kite sessions in detail.

If you don't have a smartwatch and have to use your mobile phone as a tracker, we are sure that this will be a good choice the best kitesurf app for you.

The best apps for kitesurf to get wind & wave forecast data

apps for kitesurfing ikitesurf

iKitesurf kitesurf app for weather forecasts

The app for kitesurfers iKitesurf (Android) (iOS) offers you free, real-time weather forecasts and data from anywhere in the world.

This application will help you better plan your kitesurfing trips wherever you are.

Although the app has a free version, you can subscribe to the paid option to get more data on the forecast and weather conditions at your preferred kite spot(s).

kitesurf apps windy app The kitesurfing app for wind and weather

Recognised by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) as the best-specialized weather app for outdoor sports and activities, the Windy. app is an excellent app for kitesurfers.

Windy provides you with global and local weather reports, forecasts, maps and much more so you can prepare and find the perfect weather conditions for kitesurfing.

Do not miss the opportunity to be always up to date with the best wind to practice your favourite sport. Without a doubt, this is one of the one of the best apps for kiteboarders.. This application is available for Android and iOS, offers both free and paid options for users.

Have you found the best kitesurf app for you?

Thanks for reading our blog! We hope we have helped you to discover the best kitesurf app for your needs, budget and equipment.

Thank you very much for reading our blog! We hope we have helped you discover the best kitesurfing app for your needs, budget and equipment.

Get the app for kitesurfers, KANARA Sport, available for Android and iOS to track, analyse & share your kitesurf sessions today. 

If you need help using the KANARA Sport application to record, analyse and share your kitesurfing activities, check out our FAQ  and tutorials through our blog, YouTube or our Featured Stories in Instagram (in ¨Tutorials¨).

We hope to become the best app for kitesurfing & all other water sports.

Try our kitesurf app today & tell us about your experience! We grow and improve thanks to feedback from users like you.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts or questions at [email protected]

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