Àngel Candel Vilanova – KANARA Sport Official Athlete

We are stoked to have Ángel Candel Vilanova join us as an official rider of the KANARA Sport team.

The Mallorcan embodies the waterman spirit that inspires us, regularly kitefoiling, wing foiling, surfing, windsurfing, SUP and other water sports.

An active member of the community, Angel has been with us from the beginning and has seen our growth.

We want to support him on his journey to become a professional and we are honoured to be his first sponsor.

Join Angel via the KANARA Sport application for all nautical sports athletes

About Àngel Candel Vilanova - KANARA Sport Official Rider (Formula Kite)

Nationality: Spanish

Age: 19 years

Nautical Sports Club: Real Club Nàutic Port de Pollença

Sports: Kitesurf, Formula Kite, Windsurf, Surf, Wakeboard, Wing Foil, and more


2nd place in Formula Kite Spain Series s'Arenal (Mallorca) Open Advance category.

1st place in Formula Kite Spain Series Palamós, Open Advance category.

16th place in the Spanish Formula Kite Cup, Overall category.

1st place in Formula Kite Spain Series Castellón, Open Advance category.

Bio: My greatest passion is water sports and the sea.

I can't go a day without going to the sea, I will go surfing, diving, boating, hanging out with friends,....

I spend most of the day at sea, in the mornings I usually work as a Wing or Kitesurf instructor and in the afternoons I have to train and usually after training I meet up with friends.

But water sports are my greatest passion and motivation since I discovered them.

When did you start your career as an athlete?

When I was 9 years old, thanks to a friend of my father's who taught me how to windsurf, I discovered that I loved water sports. Since I learnt to windsurf, I spent every day on the beach practising, as it was my favourite thing to do.

After that, at the beginning of summer 2020, I discovered kitesurfing, and from 2020 on I haven't stopped kitesurfing. My sailing club had a great initiative to create a kitesurfing team to compete and for me it was a great opportunity.

Right now I'm training almost every day, as in Mallorca we are lucky to have very good wind for these sports in summer.

What are your current athlete goals?

My main goal is to keep training as many days as possible to improve as fast as possible.

Other objectives for next year are to start doing well in the Formula Kite Spain Series regattas in the open pro category and to participate in some international regattas.

When did you start using KANARA and how do you use KANARA in your sessions?

If I'm not mistaken, the first time I used KANARA was in the regatta of Formula Kite Spain Series in Formentera, in October 2021 and since then I always use KANARA to analyse my sessions after training, as it gives me a lot of interesting data to keep improving.

At the moment, the function I like and use the most is the polar graph, as it gives me a lot of data about the session.

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