6 Top Sailing Racing Apps (2022-2023)


Buenas noticias, regatistas 😉 Hemos hecho una búsqueda exhaustiva de aplicaciones para este blog y poder presentaros las mejores aplicaciones de sail racing y regatas que se adaptan a todas vuestras necesidades.

From sailing apps to the best games and live broadcasts, for sailing and racing enthusiasts.

Want to know which is the best app for you? Read the blog and don't miss anything! We're sure you'll find what you're looking for.

Don't forget to comment on your favourite app to enjoy the sailing race experience if it doesn't appear in this list; information is power!



KANARA Sport: Sailing application for sailors to help you record, compare and share your sessions.

KANARA Sport is a free application for sailors available both for Android as well as iOS Recording and analysing your performance after the race has never been easier!

Our application will provide you with quality performance data and statistics such as heart rate, tacks & jibes, VMG, Polar Chart, top speed, total session distance and much more.

The app is compatible with Garmin and Suunto smartwatches (Apple Watch coming soon). If you don't have a smartwatch, no problem. You can use your smartphone as a tracker by registering to the app via a Suunto account at no extra cost.

You can create speed or distance challenges with your friends, compete in the rankings with sailors from all over the world and participate in regattas or digitised competitions with the chance to win prizes. You can also connect with the community and share your stats, maps and experiences with the community - try our app and let us know what you think!



Sailmon: Sailing racing app for performance analysis

Sailmon Instruments also has a sailing racing application for sailors available on Android and iOS.

If you have a Sailmon Max or Max Mini device (899 and 499 EUR), you can use the Sailmon app to get statistics of your sessions on the water and track your performance, compare and share your performance with other Sailmon users.

For more statistics and features, you have the option of a paid subscription that includes live tracking.



Sail Racer: Sailing racing app that helps optimise your sailing

The app Sail Racer is available for both Android and iOS. This app will help you optimise your racing manoeuvres to make quick tactical decisions.

Sail Racer will suggest the favourable side of the starting line, monitor your position and recommend possible manoeuvres to help you in the races.

This sailing racing application has paid premium features.



RaceQs: Sail Racing application to replay your races

The app RaceQs is completely free and available for Android and iOS and is used in conjunction with a web tool.

This app for sailing racing allows you to record your sessions at the regatta and then play them back in 3D via the web.

This allows you to gain new insight into your sailing to analyse your manoeuvres on the water.



SailGP: Official application to follow the races

The app SailGP for Android and iOS will allow you to follow the official SailGP racing action live on your mobile.

With this app for sailing racing, you can follow the races of the different teams, enter the other races that will take place at the moment, adapt the statistics that interest you most and hide all the results of the races that you have not seen live.



Regata Virtual Inshore: App de sail racing simulación de regatas online

Virtual Regatta is an online sailing racing game where you can enjoy all the action from the comfort of your sofa.

This digitised racing app is available for Android and iOS and comes with a paid VIP subscription.

Do you want to be the best virtual sailor? With Virtual Regatta Inshore you can achieve it as the E-sailing World Championship is currently being held in association with World Sailing.


And that's it for our recommendations of apps to make the most of the sailing racing experience on and off the water.

If you have already tried some of them, let us know what you think; if you know of others that are not on the list, mention them, the blog aims to learn and grow together by sharing our knowledge!

Try the best app for sailors KANARA Sport today and share your experience.

Get the free sailing racing app for sailors and all water sports enthusiasts and start logging, analysing and sharing your sailing sessions and other favourite water sports.

If you need help or have any doubts about how to download/use the KANARA Sport application, do not hesitate to contact us through our e-mail address [email protected] or send us a private message to our Instagram.

We want to keep improving and growing to become the best sailing application for you and all the watersports athletes that form the KANARA Sport community. Do not hesitate to leave us your comments or feedback.

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