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Ride, Play and Win

Gamify your water sports sessions with the KANARA Sport mobile app for Android and iOS.

Our goal is to provide athletes, clubs and enthusiasts with the digital tools to improve their skills, stay motivated and most importantly, have fun.


Track and analyse your water sports sessions with KANARA Sport. Access speed, distance, duration, VMG, heat maps and other sports activity data at your fingertips.


Integrated social and communication features so you can share your experiences with your friends and other users around the world.

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Earn points for your athletic activity in the water. Create and participate in virtual speed and distance challenges. Play and compete with friends and other athletes from anywhere in the world.


Take part in the development of the ultimate platform for nautical and water sports athletes, clubs, and enthusiasts. Join the community and vote for new and improved functions and features to help you get more out of your sessions.

Advanced features for riders and yacht clubs

The KANARA Sport app is specially designed to meet the unique nautical and aquatic needs of our users.

Explore the multiple functionalities, integrations and other benefits that our platform offers to water sports athletes, clubs, and enthusiasts.